We are delighted to confirm that we have embarked on a new partnership with the award-winning AR app 'Bookful' to bring the Horace & Co storybooks to its mobile library.⠀

Bookful is the brainchild of Inception XR, a content platform delivering extended reality (XR) end-user applications.⠀
Bookful’s library has over 100 books and games for children, creating a magical, playful universe, where books are brought to life in augmented reality.⠀

The Horace & Co titles will be available for download via the app and will include 'Horace the Disgusted Hamster', 'Custard the Wibbly-Wobbly Dinosaur' and 'Where are you Mr Blue?'⠀

Each book featured in the app, available on the App Store and Google Play, will allow children to read the story with 3D animations that can be projected in the user’s environment using AR technology.⠀
This is supported by an entire suite of assistive reading functions including narration, subtitles, and interactive activities to engage the reader beyond the text while improving knowledge retention and comprehension of the content. ⠀