Rock Monster

Rock Monster is confident and passionate about everything. He is also easily excited (especially when listening to Rock Music.) Rock Monster is prone to a rock and roll type tantrum when he gets frustrated. He is the tallest member of the gang with the longest furriest arms which makes him the best at hugs. Mmmm monster hugs.

Horace is a keep fit fanatic, he can do 100 pull ups! He is disgusted by EVERYTHING. (Even nice things like you.) ‘Urgh!’ He loves to eat cheese. He would love to marry cheese. Horace is the smallest member of the gang, with the biggest attitude.

Mr Blue

A robot with emotion, Mr Blue is the

most loving of all the gang. Mr Blue is so

in touch with his emotions he can also become sad at the slightest thing. He is very sensitive. His antenna can play all the coolest tunes, and he is amazing at the robot dance.


Custard is a very shy and nervous dinosaur, who is unusually yellow. When you become a good friend with him, he is the happiest, yellow dinosaur. Custard is very good at trampolining, he once hit the sun he jumped so high.


A pink sloth full of surprises, Cherry is a bit of a worrier and is always biting her nails. She is very creative and loves painting, cookery and space travel. Bubble baths make her very happy.


The most hopeful and optimistic unicorn

in the whole wide world, although Flora can get jealous very easily and will go off in a              huff. Flora has a golden magical horn which can produce cupcakes on demand. Yummy! Flora is an amazing tapdancer.


Bessie the llama is the most curious member of the gang - a keen adventurer. She always doubts herself, but she is amazing! She is very proud of her fro. Once she did a spit and got told off. (She doesn’t do spitting anymore.)