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Why are Flossy and Jim creating NFT's?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Hey gang! Hope all is good in your world? You might have seen on our social media that we have started creating NFT's.

I'm guessing you might be thinking one of three things:

1. What the flippin' nora is an NFT?

2. Oh here we go...they are jumping on the bandwagon and trying to become billionaires.

3. Cool! I really want an NFT but why should I buy a Flossy and Jim one?

So, a simple explanation of an NFT is that it stands for Non-Fungible Token which means they are unique digital tokens that cannot be replicated. They can be bought, sold, and traded online efficiently. We kinda see them as online digital top trump cards.

They exist on something called a 'blockchain' and are traded with digital money called cryptocurrency. Flossy and Jim NFT's are sold on a platform called Opensea and the 'currency' used is Ethereum.

So, why buy an NFT from us? The idea is that they could increase in value and we believe they will have a purpose and place in a future digital world. We are very excited to see how the world is opening up digitally and we feel excited about a new world that we have not felt before.

We feel very passionately about the new digital world being a kind place and this is why we have created an NFT promise and added value:

1. All of our NFT's will be sold at the lowest flat price so that everyone has an opportunity to buy one. This will also ensure no scamming from pesky scammy scammers.

2. Every single one of our NFT's is created lovingly by hand, NOT by an NFT generator app. You genuinely are collecting a tiny piece of original art and we will be uploading new collections every month!

3. When you buy an NFT from us you will become a 'Humff' Member, part of an online community where we have a discord server for member chats, mental health discussion, charity fundraisers, top tips, monthly giveaways and we build this part of our brand from there. YOU, the NFT member will tell us what you want from the community and we promise to do our best to deliver.

4. This part of the Flossy and Jim brand is for our older members, (no babies or kids here...until you are a bit older, sorry!)

So, when you buy an NFT from us, you are not just getting an NFT! You are also supporting a couple of artists which we really appreciate. It will massively help us build the 'Flossy and Jim' brand even further and help support young people with their mental health.

You can browse our NFT Collection here:

Let us know what you think about NFT's? Have you bought one already? What else do you think we could do to build a fun, fair, and warm NFT community?

Thanks for reading, chat again soon!

Lynette and James

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