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Horace is a grumpy hamster and is also a fussy eater. Can he be brave enough to try some new foods?

Horace's Most Disgusting Picnic

Horace the hamster only likes cheese. He likes it so much that he wants to marry cheese! This can make it hard for Horace to try new things. But Horace’s friends are ready to get creative so he can try their delicious food.

ISBN: 9781802634433
RRP: £7.99
Pub Day: 28/03/2024

Mr Blue is a robot who is very sensitive and feels sad often.

Where Are You, Mr Blue?

Mr Blue the robot loves playing music on his robo-record player. He can play fast songs, slow songs and sad songs. This can make it hard for Mr Blue because when there’s a sad song, he feels sad too! But Mr Blue’s friends are always ready to help him dance again.

ISBN: 9781802634457
RRP: £7.99
Pub Day: 28/03/2024

Rock Monster is not very good at managing his anger. This book teaches children how to manage their emotions.

Rock Monster's Birthday Party

Rock Monster loves to rock. It’s his birthday and he wants to be the star of the show! This can make it hard for Rock Monster when his friends want to share the spotlight. But Rock Monster’s friends are determined to make sure his party rocks!

ISBN: 9781802634440
RRP: £7.99
Pub Day: 28/03/2024

Custard is a very shy nervous dinosaur. Can his friends encourage him to be more brave?

Custard the Wibbly-Wobbly Dinosaur

Custard is a dinosaur who’s scared of everything! He’s afraid of spiders, monsters under the bed and even going outside. This can make it hard for Custard to play outside with his friends. But his friends know that if he wasn’t wibbly-wobbly, then he wouldn’t be Custard!

ISBN: 9781802634426
RRP: £7.99
Pub Day: 28/03/2024

Four book collection of Horace and Co children's story books.

Horace and Co 4 Book Collection

A dinosaur that can’t help but be wibbly-wobbly, a hamster that wants to marry cheese and many more fun characters! Together, they teach us to try new food, feel our feelings and understand that everyone is different. Horace and Co. show us that with a little help from our friends, everything will be alright.

ISBN: 9781782266204
RRP: £31.95
Pub Day: 28/03/2024

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