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A colourful lifestyle brand that delivers fun and happiness for
shiny new babies, the coolest kids, and on-trend teens. 
The bold and bright designs are relatable and are designed to help nurture and empower; to boost children's self-esteem and confidence.


Lynette and James are two illustrators living by the sea in picturesque Brixham, Devon in the UK and they are the Creators of 'Flossy and Jim.'

Their mission from the beginning has been to help young people feel positive and supported in life using bright and bold designs with comical and on-trend slogans that their audience can relate to.

They regularly present workshops in schools, talking to pupils about their own personal journeys; encouraging and inspiring them to believe in themselves.

Commissioned by the ‘National Collaborative Outreach Programme’ and also part of the government coalition for ‘Future.Now’ they help young and often disadvantaged people to understand the importance of self-care and looking after their mental health, and also about working hard, self-discipline, resilience and looking at practical ways that they can build their futures.


Horace & Co by

Flossy and Jim

Horace & Co was originally founded after Lynette Dare – co-founder of Flossy & Jim – began writing her own humorous stories for her autistic son. Using the stories, Lynette helped encourage her son to try new foods, meet new friends and prepare him prior to visiting new places.
The Horace & Co. books help children to relate to everyday scenarios and understand how the world around them works. They’ll find out that everyone has qualities that are different, but those unique traits make them who they are, and loved.

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